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Volare Cosmetics Asia

Face Brush Set

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F01 Brush – Volare New Foundation Brush, is angled and perfect for liquid/ cream foundation and cream contour. The shape of the brush fits perfectly in the hard-to-reach areas,  such as sides of the nose, under the eyes and in between the brows. It allows for gentle blending that will not pull the skin

F02 Brush – Buffing Brush : perfect for contouring the face. It is also a perfect companion with buffing cream/powder

F03 Brush – Blush/Powder Brush : a powder brush with bristles made from exquisitely soft hair. It is also ideal for blush and powder

F04 Brush – Fan Brush : perfect for highlighting the cheek bone, collar bone as well as the center of the forehead. The brush is also an excellent companion for blush and powder

F05 Brush – Multitasking Brush : designed for highlighting and placing powder under the eyes. The brush is excellent for bronzers and blushes as well


F06 Brush - Cheek Brush : is perfect for applying blush on your cheeks but also perfect for applying bronzer, contour, powder and highlight to your face. This brush is very versatile


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